It is a fact that one of the common types of businesses is a recruitment agency. They are those dime a dozen, strewn all over, promising everything and delivering very little. To find the right recruitment agency with the right set of values is like finding a needle in a haystack and for all you know, you may find the needle but you might not find that elusive top quality recruitment firm. You might think that a recruitment firm from say USA or UK is different from recruiting agencies hawaii. While there is some truth to it, there is also a cloak of uniformity in the name of one single word – professionalism. Sometimes you can look at websites and get a semblance of how they are. Websites driven by impressive content, knowledge and with emphasis on development definitely helps to instill faith in them. A good example would be

There is a garb of professionalism underneath all businesses these days, as professionalism is the mantra everywhere. But do they really mean professionalism? The bigger problem is that a company looking to hire a recruitment agency is already hard-pressed for time. How in the world can they allocate time to search for the right one?

If a recruitment company assures you everything even before getting to know you or your company, alarm bells must start ringing. You do not want the same approach towards a prospective candidate! Keep a few key points in mind while scouting for a good recruitment agency.

1. To be recognized as a brand is important, but check what that brand means – popular due to advertisements, popular because of cheaper invoices or popular because they have delivered? The last one should interest you.
2. References are important. Ask for them. Contact references and find out as much as possible about their process and success rates. Look for red flags, consider them and weigh out the pros and cons.
3. Meet the recruitment agency personnel and the recruitment head. Know their values and philosophies. Notice how they interact with you. The same group of people will be interacting with your candidates.
4. Find out about their selection process – their process for resume procurement, evaluation of candidates, finding job/ position suitability. Try to get a sense of how much responsibility they are willing to take and how much is yours.
5. Find out if their billing and rates are genuine. If on the higher end, evaluate if they are worth it. If they are, based on parameters you have measured them with, do not bring down the rate too much. They are providing quality service and quality comes at a certain premium. They will be investing extra in maintaining high standards. You also set your own reputation that helps build relationships. Relationship is always a two-way process.
6. Do pay attention to their values and ethics. Do not go by what is displayed on their website. Instead, present them with scenarios that bring out their own core values. It need not be an elaborate interview, but knowing one or two of their personal set of values helps instill trust in them.

These points should help you in your quest to find the perfect company to partner with. Spending extra time to find the right recruitment partner has long-term benefit and therefore a good investment of your time and effort.