Let’s be honest. All of us have made at least one bad decision when it comes to posting on social material. There is a little voice egging us on in our heads, whispering “do it for the views”. Many people will ask how to grow my snapchat followers, the new and extremely fun way of connecting with people via small video clips or funny photos. Because of the way things are set up on Snapchat, people are more uncontrolled in their expression, leading to more than one terrible decision. Here are a couple of things that can make or break your Snapchat experience.

Do Snapchat embarrassing texts or situations. You can use them as blackmail material. You may never know how your snap can help a person smile during a bad day.

Don’t Snapchat serious situations like a funeral or a board meeting. Not only is it rude, but there is always the possibility of one of your relatives or coworkers taking offense to the gesture. However, a couple of seconds of a concert, or exclusive event or pictures of its tickets are fine.

Do make your Snapchats fun and interesting. No one wants to listen to a 100 second long story about something entirely mundane or be subjected to constant photos of your vacation every 5 minutes. The key is moderation. Cute things like your pets are ones that garner the most interest on Snapchat.

Don’t post yourself in compromising positions and don’t Snap when you’re drunk. Snaps do not disappear as previously thought; they are stored in access restricted areas of their servers. And even if your friends cannot access the database, it is more than likely someone will screenshot the situation and hold it ransom for the rest of your life. Take risks with a grain of salt and a heaped tablespoon of common sense to fully enjoy your experience.